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What we do
We build bespoke outdoor wood fired ovens, based on the classic Italian dome oven, as found across Italy and in communities which use wood for cooking. Our ovens are built onto a sturdy base which can be used as a wood store, or we can incorporate the oven into extended preparation surfaces or storage area to enhance your outdoor living space.



Our ovens differ from off the shelf designs in that we build the complete oven at your home, from the concrete foundation to the chimney top, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of where to site it, or how to install it. What’s more, we’re on hand up to the point you’re ready to use it.

What can it cook?
In addition to the obvious pizza, you can roast meats and veggies, bake bread and cakes, even fry, just as a conventional oven, all with that special flavour that only a wood fired oven can provide. Furthermore, the oven retains sufficient heat for several hours’ cooking; perfect for parties and social events.

How much does it cost?
Our basic oven, built on site over 5-6 days, costs from £2,600 (inc VAT). We provide firewood to get you started, a pizza peel and full support you get you cooking on your very own Wood Fired Oven.








For more information, call Richard on 07521 718848, or email:

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